Posted by: marthacoolcat | October 9, 2008

Hot, Sweet, and Sour – Indian Dining with Brent

This, oh my fair readers, is a little foreshadowing, because come Christmas I will be spending lots of time with my dear old high school, even public school friend, Brent, when I get to South Korea. Except tonight we went for Indian. Brent says I get to stay in the embassy apartment, drink a lot, and sing karaoke with him and his international cronies. And there is a bath across the street. He told me he has a hot shower in his apartment, which was only kind of concerning because it indicates that that wouldn’t be obvious. Oh, so many opportunities to release expectations!

Highlight – oh the ponir/ paneer – oh those sweet cheese balls from heaven. They were balls at Kohinoor but yah I know they are usually cubey chunks. Brent’s curry was marked in the menu as hot, sweet, and sour. Good for the indecisive – one meal that’s every flavour but bitter. Wait, no, I know another highlight – Brent says I can make free calls to North America at Christmas. That’s a gooder, hey?. Mental note, it’s 11 hours time difference Marth. Okay, my apologies in advance if I ring you and startle Santa at 3am.

Interesting fact – When in Africa, Brent ate hippo! Says its rubbery – that’s a lot of blubber. He says I can eat kudu, crocodile and maybe even warthog. Oh how far I have come from my vegetarian days. I’ve never even met a kudu. “How do you do, I am going to eat you.”

Lowlight- uh post overeating heartburn? Can’t think of one. It was good times, and I got lots of travel hints. Brent’s one suave international man. And I’m a lucky dog. I’m a lucky dog.

Doors – look! It’s a new feature in the blog, hold onto your hats. I’m going to try to be more aware of doors, to notice things about doors whilst on my journey. Okay, about doors today, I held the door for Brent and then he held it for me. Nice gender balance. Uhhh, it’s better to leave the door between me and the humidifier open? A kind neighbour came to our front door to say the car light was on. My bedroom has two doors, to the sitting room, and then to the tabernacle, the holy of holies, my actual bedroom. I kind of like that distance. Okay, stay tuned, I’m just warming up to this door-noticing thing.

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