Posted by: marthacoolcat | October 26, 2008

My Itinerary (with improved formatting)

Thurs Oct 23 – 1:00 drive to airporter pickup. We love Kevin PU!
1:25 get on airporter. And we’re off!
2:45 arrive Toronto airport. Wait around a really long time. 6:05 get on plane. fly for 7 hours and 10 minutes. Pop some gravel, hope to sleep.
Friday Oct 34 arrive in Amsterdam at 7:15 (aka 2:15 am in our bodies. Ugh.) Sit around the airport and try to resist buying Dutch tchotckhas like klompen or Wilhemina peppermints or speculos these great cookies I ate in Belgium. I might bring Kevin’s Hive game, because it’s fun and unbreakable. God love bakelite., which I’ve heard is at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. We go to sleep in everybody’s favorite singable accommodations, the YMCA, where Angie’s parents will be. I’m sure I will be so glad to see Erla and Lloyd’s familiar faces.

10:20 Amsterdam time, 5:20 for Ang’s and my little sleepy Eastern time zone bodies, we get on our next KLM plane to Tanzania. We fly for eight and a half hours. Kevin, Hive better be fun – that’s a long flight. We lose two more hours flying mostly south but a little East.

7:45 we arrive at Mount Kilimanjaro airport, which will feel like 12:34, but who knows if anything will be feeling like anything anymore. Blinking like a mole in teh sun, we will emerge, and two very nice men, Mr. Mange and David from Good Earth Tours will have a sign with our names on it. Oh Mr. Mange, do be on time, because my little heart will be quite ready for bed by then.

Mr. Mange and or David drive us (oooh, my first African roads! I hope it is still kind of light out) to Moshi

Yah, okay so I’m visiting Ang’s folks, and what I understand today is that Lloyd si a retired hospital CEO, and he goes over and mentors Tanzanian hospital administrators, who, uh don’t have an MBS. Erla is a teacher, and she helps out in the school, especially with the blind kids and visits the orphans in the country. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more when I am there.

Sat Oct 25 wake up IN AFRICA (weird weird weird!!!), eat breakfast, and go on safari. We drive 3.5 hours to Tarangire, where we will drive around in a jeep with a top that pops up or off and look at animals with our driver, Abdul, who Erla and Lloyd have safaried with – they give him the two thumbs up. We stay in tents, but they’re really nicey nicey. Two days in Tarangire. Erla says the animals wander right up to your tent! EEeee, I’m excited.

Monday Oct 27 After breakfast we have a two hour drive to the Ngorongoro Crater. An asteroid hit the earth, making this 12 mile wide crater/ pit/ cage, and the animals can’t get out, so if you drive in up over the rim, you see lots of them. Also, I hear it is migration season, so there’ll be lots to see. He he he – d’yah know what they call an antelope-ish animal? A dik dik. My inner thirteen year old boy titters. We sleep at the Ngorongoror Wildlife lodge that night.

Tuesday Oct 28 we drive 5.5 hours to The Serengeti. My friend Dr. Hosain from Usask has raved about this place to me. We stay at Lobo Wildlife Lodge for two nights. Lots of lions maybe?

Thursday Oct 30 we go on a game drive that morning, and then go to the the Lobo airstrip. Now the fact that it is called an airstrip, not an airport gets me a little concerned, that is, this flight might be on the rustic side. as long as the plane isn’t on the rusty side, I can deal, but I’m not counting an a gourmet inflight meal. By the way, did you know that everywhere else in the world, you still get airplane food? Every flight I am on, except my Northwest flights I get to eat. North American is rich and cheap, the worst of both worlds.

Halloween is only a north American holiday, so I don’t anticipate doing much. Ang and I might got for a weekend in a city, dunno yet.

Sunday Nov 2 I hope to go to church in Kilema, the village where Lloyd and Erla live. We will get to see the places where Lloyd and Erla work. I’m curious about development stuff.

Sometime that week I will take the 12 hour bus to Dar Es Sallam, which is kind like Saskatoon or Toronto – big, urban, known, but not actually the capitol city. (Did you like that my Sask-friends – i put

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