Posted by: marthacoolcat | November 27, 2008

Thai temples

I read how bad things are in Bangkok and Mumbai, and I am glad I am out of there. I’m lucky.

Today I went to three beautiful temples, and at the last one, from the 12 centruy, I talked to a monk.

What’s the meaning of life?
Imperminance of everything.

What of love between men and women?
There are two loves, love for family, friends, teachers, and love for sex. Love for sex is a form of greed, one of the three desires, (greed, angry adn delusion).

What kind of work should I get?
“If you have a job without aggration, you don’t have a job”

Will you be a monk forever?
Have to live in the present.

Why did you become a monk?
I thought it would be fun.
Is it?
No, have to live within the rules. Usually I am happy to be a monk.


  1. He thought it would be “fun”? huh. That’s unexpected

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