Posted by: marthacoolcat | November 29, 2008

Less chaos is Laos?

Hello teaming millions,
Tonight I am taking the night bus to the border, to wake up tomorrow adn get on teh slow boat on the Mee Kong river. Tomorrow I will tell you the correct spelling.

I have had an amazing far too short time in Thailand.

I rode an elephant. I trekked (i.e. hiked) in the jungle/ forest hills. I met people from teh Karen and Hmong tribal villages, and saw their homes. I was the “gondelier” of our river rafting bamboo raft, and we went through some little rapids. So much more to say about that day. I shared my elephant with Mr. Shin from Korea, who held my hand and said he’d be my father for the day, and wanted me to come stay with him in Korea. I hope to visit him.

That morning Mhun Mae, my “mom” (that’s my next story), gave me sticky rice for breakfast. Mmmm it was so good, possibly my favorite thai food. I had two today!. Anyways I felt very not-touristy when I saw the same banana leaf packaging for sale at the “store” in the Karen village. I greated the guy in Thai, adn bought the “sticky rice”. When I got back in our van and opened it, it was raw pork! What am I going to do with raw park? The americans wanted me to through it out the window. (Oh I have met a dishertening number of American who don’t support Obama. Makes me cringe a bit. It wasn’t a landslide win, I am increasing aware). I brought it to the bar near my house, adn a nice Vietnam war vet (a translator) told me it is pickled pork, delicious fried with egg, so I had them fry me up an omlette., and my new friend, 74 year old Tawee told me about his life, adn traveling in Vietnam, california and Thailand.

Oh-uh bus!!!


  1. Hi Martha…we here in London, (Rita, ida, G and I) are all relieved that you are safely out of the current ‘hotspots’!! How’s the leg burn healing? I am looking forward to seeing your photos!!!
    Happy and safe adventuring! Betty

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