Posted by: marthacoolcat | December 16, 2008

Hello from hiroshima

I took the bullet train yesterday afternoon (the silly flower arranging people thought I meant next week, guess they don’t know last-minute, shoehorn it ino my schedule martha!) The bullet train is the fastest in teh world, going 300 km/hour. It only took four hours. I passed Mt. Fuji, but as it was dark at 4:30 (??) I couldn’t see it.

I ate a yummy meal of BBQed meat and veggies. I ordered by pointing. My only exciting moment was when my skewer of white meat came, the chef pointed at his neck. That was a little worrisome. Another customer told me it was chicken neck. Tasted good, “Ooshi!” means delicious.

I’m staying at the world friendship Centre, near Peace Park. The hosts are Brethern Volunteers, a really cool couple. I could talk to Kent and Sarah for hours. It’s an assignment I could see me loving, some hospitality, some ESL, and other odd mixed tasks. The house is soo Japanese, I have a futon rolled out in my room, with a sliding wooden doors, thin walls, small halls – I looove it. Grass mas? like woven pads on the floor. Last night i read a book of survivor’s drawings of the bomb. Pretty chilling. “skin hanging off” was a phrase that stuck to me. Hiding in cisterns. Unrecognisable neighbours. I am a little nervous to hear a survivor tell her story today, but that’s why I came here. I think there’s something important to understand about humanity, and what happened here. Jean Vanier says everyone should visit an institution for the disabled, a concentration camp and Hiroshima. The book said the Americans dropped the bomb to justify the money it took to create it. Economics! What a stupid stupid reason to create hell on earth. That’s what lots of the drawings called it. The heat of the bomb is unthinkable — a million degrees, and then a wave of 3-4000 degrees. I can’t think of that.

Off to the museum, wish me mental fortitude and grace and –los of emotional enymes to digest what I’ll learn today.

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