Posted by: marthacoolcat | December 16, 2008


Hi all,
Sorry forthe silence. WordPress is firewalled in China,, and all my babelfish sleuthing could not help me get past the firewall. Someone at Trent university did a thesis about walls in China, )Great ones, internet ones…)
Today I am in Tokyo. Last night I stayed in a capsule hotel. You don:t get a whole room, just an enclosed bed. Some say it is like sleeping in a coffin. I;d say more like a refrigerator box. I could sit up in it no prob.
I ate at a japanese restuarant full of smoking businessmen in their suits. Two came up and chatted me up (to practice English? TO talk to a girl?) They had asked the waiter about me, and they work for Saputo, which sells cheese in Canada. They are both married but don:t go home for supper. Weird. They say Asians don:t like Japan, becuase of history adbn because it is rich.

This morning I went to Kabuki theatre. Odd, all male actors, stylized, interesting. Beautiful maidens. Old stories.

I played Pachinko. It is like a video gambling game – like Plinko on the Price Is Right. You shoot a marble up to the top and make a wheel spin. If three matching symbols come up, you win more marbles. VERY noisy, and full of sounds and colours. THemed like a pin ball game.

I:m trying to do a flower arranging course.

Only allowed 30 mins so have to go. Cheers, Martha

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