Posted by: marthacoolcat | December 25, 2008

Korean Christmas

Christmas Eve Day I did some baking, inspired by Brenda K’s Mennonite cookies. I made Kara PU’s cheesecake chocolate cupcakes with candy cane on top. Mmmm. I am happy to be in a home with a kitchen. I also made Fretzie’s hot artichoke dip, which I also love.

Brent had friends over for food and drinks, and it was neat to meet lots of people from other embassies. I am impressed by the hours of contemporary Christmas music that people have on thie i-touches.

I went to the Anglican Cathedral for midnight-ish mass at 10:30. It was not at all theologically pushy, and I was very grateful for that.

Outside there were tonnes of Koreans just walking around. They don’t stay in with family, and it isn’t nearly as cold, but I hadn’t expected the skating rink to be full, people to have shopping bags, or (weirdest sight) the riot police to be boarding their buses and leaving. Leaving what, I do not know.

Christmas morning Brent and I opened our pressies and ate a big breakfast. I can’t say we, because I didn’t help with this part, but at 6 am Brent finished defrosting and stuffed the 21 pound turkey, and into the oven it went. We’re headed over to Steph and Tori’s for the big Christmas Day dinner later. She has Lindt Chocolate. I love her already.

Christmas morning

Christmas morning


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