Posted by: marthacoolcat | January 7, 2009

D.A.R.E. — To Get Off Drugs, Kids!!!

I took my last malaria pill yesterday, and now I can take my handful of pills that will kill any worms I may have acquired. Why do I find anything funny and charming about that possibility?

So I am home.  It’s a bit weird.  I used to tell the Intercordia students who went abroad to do three months of international service that coming home can be harder than adjusting to the new place.  I don’t think I have culture shock, but I do notice stuff.

I do a double take when people drive out of a mall or something not on the side of the road I would expect.

There are no geckos running up the walls.

I’m supposed to wear my seatbelt all the time.

Recycling.  There’s options for garbage other than the road?

Mm, tap water, how I’ve missed your ease and accessibility.

Everything is normal, anticipate-able.

It’s colder than Thailand.

No one stares at me and tells me I am so tall.

I can drive and cook.

Life went on like normal back home while I was away.

It has stayed the same time zone for a week.  My watch is bored.

I know what food I am eating. I know how to order.  The menus here – they are all in English.  So convenient! but kind of boring.  It’s too easy.

No piles of rubble lying around on the streets.  Rather those are piles of snow.


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